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Chikako Watanabe

Chikako Watanabe 渡辺愛子
(Vocal) and Shigeo Tamaru

Shigeo Tamaru 田丸恵男
(Guitar/Producer) came together to form NaNa

NaNa, Chikako Watanabe and Shigeo Tamaru 渡辺愛子 田丸恵男
in 1996. NaNa's chief goal was to create high quality demo tapes that would showcase their music to the world market. In the summer of 1997, the members sent an e-mail to the staff of the Gut Label web site. This contact exposed, Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto was to their sound. The vocalist, Chikako Watanabe

Chikako Watanabe 渡辺愛子
was picked to be a featured vocalist on his regular radio program J-Wave gut online. On this program five outstanding producers including Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tetsuya Komuro, Shigeo Tamaru

Shigeo Tamaru 田丸恵男
worked with Chikako

Chikako Watanabe 渡辺愛子
to create a completely new song(The song "RED" was produced by Tamaru

Shigeo Tamaru 田丸恵男
at that time. After that the track turned into a NaNa's first maxi single that was released from gut bounce). In September of the same year NaNa

NaNa, Chikako Watanabe and Shigeo Tamaru 渡辺愛子 田丸恵男
signed a Japanese distribution contract with "gut bounce", The Indies label was created through a collaboration between Tower Records and For Life's Gut Label. Then they started recording their first EP "RED"

NaNa 1st EP "RED" / gut bounce label
Track 01. RED/ Track 02. SONG 5/ Track 03. Light Perfect/ Track 04. JUDY
. NaNa worked with Bryan Burton-Lewis who has reputation for English language lyrics from his work. In January 1998, NaNa went to the U.S. and worked with the world famous mastering engineer Ted Jensen

mastered by Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound, NYC.
who is well known for his work with artists like Eagles, MUSE, Sigur Ros, The Police, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, and Madonna. Their work was highly praised. The fist EP "RED" released on March 15, 1998 went to #1 on the Indies chart after appearing in record stores

Tower Records Storefront of Osaka Shinsaibashi at the time.
throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area including Tower Records
all snapshots of the display by Tower records at that time.
Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro outlets. NaNa's image as a "world band" has been reinforced by their work with Hideki Nakajima

the scanned image of tower records free paper, the logo is designed by him with Nakajima thin font.
, the art director that put together their "cool" album artwork and music video. NaNa's "Song 5" included in the Red maxi single was selected as the weekly recommendation song on J-Wave's Claris Future Trax in the second week of March. On March 22, the same song appeared on J-Wave's Tokio Hot 100

ranked #80 on Tokio Hot 100 chart. it's exceptional ranking for the indie release.
countdown at #80 an exceptional ranking for an Indies release. Based on positive radio response NaNa signed a major label contract with For Life Records / Gut label and started working on their major debut that was released in October 1998. NaNa went to UK, and worked with the world famous mix engineer Clive Goddard

the shot with Clive Goddard while "VOID" was mixed down at RAK Studio London UK.
who is well known for his work with Paul McCartney, Jamiroquai, Moby, Pulp, Sinead O'Connor, INXS and Madonna. In October 1998, the major debut second EP "Super Star"

2nd EP "Super Star" / Gut Forlife label
Super Star of the album version is marstered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in NYC. the original single version was mastered by Miles Showell at Metropolis Mastering in London.
Track 01. Superstar/ Track 02. Pina-Colada
is released. This EP was masterd by Miles Showell

with Miles Showell (Dido, White Stripes, Underworld) , Metropolis Mastering, London UK.
Metropolis Mastering London UK. The third EP "Snake Girl"

NaNa 3rd EP "Snake Girl" / Gut Forlife label
Track 01. Snake Girl/ Track 02. Silent scream under the moon light
is released in January 1999. The first album "VOID"

NaNa 1st Album "VOID" / Gut Forlife label
Track01. Set or Reset/ Track02. Pina-Colada/ Track03. Super Star/ Track04. RED/ Track05. Snake Girl/ Track06. Non Knock Noise/ Track07. S/ Track08. SONG 5/ Track09. Sky Coda/ Track10. Silent scream under the moon light
is released in February 1999. NaNa performed first live

NaNa had the first live appearances as an opening act for Suede.
as NaNa In September 1999. They acted as a curtain-raiser of "SUEDE" Japan Live at Akasaka BRITZ and played 6 songs including new songs. And they also acted as a curtain-raiser of "Keziah Jones" Japan Live, and besides they took part in a "Aloha Festeval"

Live Fes at Akasaka BRITZ Tokyo
presented Aloha productions

interviewed for TV show from the back stage of the fes.
in November the same year. On Aug 2000 NaNa contracted with Warner Music Japan. The fourth EP "S"

NaNa 4th EP "S" / Waner Music Japan
the EP was mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk in NYC.
Track01. S/ Track02. Sky Coda/ Track03. Super Star.
the tracks are another versions from the album "VOID"
is released in January 2001.This EP was masterd by Howie Weinberg

"S" was masterd by Howie Weinberg(Herbie Hancock, U2, Nirvana). the snap is his room at Masterdisk in New York.
Masterdisk, NYC. they focused on recording for the new album and Live, Event

Live at Shibuya Tokyo
. On June 26, 2002, their second album "Imaginary man"

NaNa 2nd Album "Imaginary man" / Waner Music Japan
Track01. The Blue Bird/ Track02. Anonymous Letter/ Track03. Primrose Path/ Track04. IV silence/ Track05. C-357/ Track06. Cyberface Run/ Track07. Child's Play/ Track08. Mother/ Track09. The cry of the wandering spirit/ Track10. JUDY/ Track11. Iris/ Track12. Acacia
was released by "Dream Machine" (East West / Waner Music Japan). As with previous album "VOID", the process from mixdown to mastering of the new album has taken place in TOKYO

Kenji Nagashima recorded most of tracks of NaNa with Shigeo. he also has done Mixdown work of the 1st EP "RED" in Tokyo.

Mixing down "Imaginary man" with Clive at Strongroom London UK.

with Ted at Stering Sound in NYC USA.
, and the mixdown by Clive Goddard, a London engineer, the mastering by Ted Jensen, a New York engineer of Sterling Sound. The music like visualizing image by mature sounds and songs have an excellent reputation beyond the last album. NaNa

NaNa, Chikako Watanabe and Shigeo Tamaru 渡辺愛子 田丸恵男
extended the market worldwide since 2006, started distribution of "VOID"

at iTunes

, "Imaginary Man"

"Imaginary Man"
at iTunes

on iTunes. Their music got major repercussions all over the world via internet. Even before both of their record label Gut, Warner Music Japan contracted with iTunes, NaNa's albums had started being distributed to the world. It was exceptional event. Starting in 2007, NaNa's tracks have gradually received air-play primarily in the UK and the US. As of 2010, their music came to be listened to all over the world via local

"Sher Delight" with Sher. tuesday noon-3pm eastern. HomeGrown Radio NJ, New Jersey USA

"Rise n Kline" with Andy Kline. weekday 7-10am alaska time. excellent radio KXLL 100.7, Juneau, Alaska USA
and Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Radio program host Jay Thomas. "The Jay Thomas Show" Sirius XM Stars Too 104, New York USA.
, and BBC

'A World In London' with DJ Ritu, BBC London 94.9, London UK

'Culture Crush Radio' with Don letts, BBC 6music, London UK
regardless of the type of Radio station

many thanks to respected DJs on the following stations for the great support

Home Grown Radio NJ (New Jersey, USA)
excellent radio KXLL 100.7FM (Alaska, USA)
BBC London 94.9FM (London, UK)
BBC 6 Music (London, UK)
BBC Asian Network (London, UK)
Rare FM 87.7 (London, UK)
River Gibbs FM (London UK)
ArFM (London & Birmingham UK)
Phoenix 98FM (Essex, UK)
Radio Satan 666 (Bristol, UK)
BBC Radio Bristol 94.9FM (Bristol, UK)
BCfm 93.2 (Bristol, UK)
Express FM 93.7 (Portsmouth Hampshire, UK)
Hope FM 90.1 (Bournemouth, Dorset, UK)
Mod Radio UK (Scotland, UK)
Real Hit Radio (Aberdeen and Sheffield UK)
SeasideFM (East Yorkshire UK)
103.2 Dublin City FM (Dublin Ireland)
Phantom 105.2FM (Dublin, Ireland)
Centraal 105.7FM (Noord-Brabant, Netherlands)
Gymradio 94.5FM 102.2FM (Hollabrunn, Austria)
Radio Ypsilon 94.5FM (Hollabrunn, Austria)
Freies Radio Salzkammergut 100.2 - 107 (Bad Ischl, Austria)
Pirate 91.0FM (Chios Island, Greece)
Radio Liberte 96.1 (Riberac, France)
RUC107.9FM (Coimbra, Portugal)
Sirius XM Radio (New York USA)
WEXT 97.7 FM (New York, USA)
East Village Radio (New York USA)
WDYN 100.1 FM (New York, USA)
WVCR 88.3FM (New York, USA)
Party934 Radio/102.5FM (New York, USA)
WRIU 90.3FM (Rhode Island, USA)
WMPG 90.9FM & 104.1FM (Portland, Maine, USA)
WRBC 91.5 FM (Maine, USA)
WMFO 91.5 FM (Medford, Massachusetts USA)
WDIY 88.1 (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA)
WMUH 91.7 FM (Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA)
91.3FM WVUD (Delaware USA)
WUOG 90.5 FM (Athens, Georgia USA)
WKNC 88.1 FM (North Carolina, USA)
Radio Metal Storm 87.9 FM (Connecticut, USA)
WMNF 88.5 FM (Florida USA)
WFLM Radio (Florida, USA)
J.A.A.P. RADIO (Florida, USA)
WGLF-FM,GULF104.1(Florida, Georgia, Alabama,USA)
WAIF 88.3 FM (Cincinnati Ohio, USA)
UIC Radio (Chicago Illinois, USA)
WQNA 88.3 FM (Springfield Illinois, USA)
WHYS Radio 96.3 FM (Wisconsin, USA)
KFAI FM 90.3 (Minneapolis Minnesota, USA)
KDHX FM88.1 (Saint Louis Missouri, USA)
WXOU Radio 88.3 FM (Michigan, USA)
The Rocket 104.7 FM (Oklahoma, USA)
KSCL 91.3FM (Louisiana, USA)
El Paso Community College Radio (El Paso, Texas USA)
KAOS 89.3FM (Olympia Washington, USA)
KUCI 88.9FM (Orange County California, USA)
KUCR 88.3FM (Riverside, California, USA)
Little Radio (Los Angeles, California USA)
LA Talk Radio (Los Angeles, California USA)
Manao Radio 91.5FM (Hawaii USA)
KTUH 90.3FM (Honolulu Hawaii, USA)
CFUR 88.7 FM (British Columbia, Canada)
CKLN 88.1 FM (Toronto Canada)
CIUT 89.5FM (Toronto, Canada)
Rock Nation Radio (Australia)
Radio Active 89FM (Wellington, New Zealand)
Roundeye Radio (Tokyo, Japan)
J-Wave 81.3FM (Tokyo Japan)
76.1 InterFM (Tokyo Japan)
FM yokohama 84.7 (Yokohama Japan)
FM802 (Osaka Japan)
82.5 FM North Wave (Sapporo Japan)
. In 2011, NaNa

NaNa, Chikako Watanabe and Shigeo Tamaru 渡辺愛子 田丸恵男
was ranked on the Billboard Magazine's (USA) charts

ranked on the chart spending 13 weeks from Feb 2011, climbed to #12 place.
. Spent 13 weeks from Feb 2011 on the Billboard Uncharted, climbed to #12 place. And also they ranked in the chart on the Billbord Brasil chart

Billboard Brasil Magazine. just ranked on #36 stage.
on April. On Dec.2011, ranked #41 place on the Billboard's The Best of 2011

ranked #41 on the Billboard's The Best of 2011
(Year-End Chart, USA) as well. NaNa

NaNa, Chikako Watanabe and Shigeo Tamaru 渡辺愛子 田丸恵男
has released a long-awaited their fifth EP "RIDE"

NaNa 5th EP "RIDE" / One Dot Records
Track01. RIDE/ Track02. Hey Boy
in 2012. The numbers are produced in response to being ranked on the Billboard. The single is filled with NaNa's new world view. You can listen to their brand-new "Visional Rock" that is Electronica, Ambient and Indie Rock-influenced as well as their traditional style. In 2013, the single track 'Unbelievable World'

NaNa 6th EP "Unbelievable World" / Warner Music Japan
Track01. Unbelievable World/ Track02. Tokyo, Slow down
that is a sequel to 'RIDE' was released from Warner Music Japan. The title track follows in the previous single and is a further evolution of electronica track. In contrast, the B-side track 'Tokyo, Slow Down' showed oriental and pop finish. The both tracks have further their perfection and their new worldview. The single has been released on iTunes and further download shop in 111 countries by Warner Music Japan on 13 February 2013. In March of that year, their second album "Imaginary man" that was released in 2002 is just set for re-release in Mar 2013 from Warner music japan. In addition to their original twelve tracks, "The Plain Jane" that has been "out-track" in 2002 is included in that album as a bonus track. "Imaginary man (Bonus Track Version)"

NaNa "Imaginary man (Bonus Track Version)" / Warner Music Japan
Track01. The Blue Bird/ Track02. Anonymous Letter/ Track03. Primrose Path/ Track04. IV silence/ Track05. C-357/ Track06. Cyberface Run/ Track07. Child's Play/ Track08. Mother/ Track09. The cry of the wandering spirit/ Track10. JUDY/ Track11. Iris/ Track12. Acacia/ Track13. The Plain Jane
will be available on Mar 13th 2013 on iTunes of each country including Japan. In June of that year, Shigeo Tamaru was released a single track "MONO" as his Solo from their Private Label "One Dot Records". He successively released his four new singles "On the Road", "Orange Day", "Perhaps It's Better", "Burning Man" on 2015. Those singles were highly praised on JazzCorner.com and Nodepression which are one of the largest Jazz portal site. After October of that year began, NaNa's track "Tokyo, Slow Down" from the single "Unbelievable World" that was released by Warner Music Japan in 2013, it was introduced in a popular public radio program in the US, and has received strong air-play. The track has been broadcasted on FM stations in a wide range from NY to Alaska. In March 2016, their new EP "Remember Me" was released by Warner Music Japan. It also contains the title track's Remix, Guitar version, takes you to further the new world of NaNa.

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